Rest Of My Family Travel Diary: Day 17

We reached quite late last evening and met the boys at Sharath’s place. We shared a few drinks together before calling it a night. Today, we were up quite early and decided to head out for a drive with one of the boys – JJ.

There’s something magical about Kerala in the rains. The sun peeped through a cloak of pale white clouds; its rays scattered far and wide. And, on the golden harp, the heaven attuned its finest songs in the skies. As the waters of the earth unleashed a filigree of sounds, the paddy fields transformed into lush carpets of emerald green. The sprawling grasslands dotted with leaves of jade crowned the sullen red soils. There’s soul in every particle here and life in every breath. Gliding through the arcs of canopied forests, whilst the raging tumult of the rivers subsided, we waited for the silver coasts to attain solitude. And, our thoughts lingered on the land’s befitting sobriquet – God’s own country…


On an abandoned beach, as we spoke of folklore written by men who traversed the divine soils, we pondered about the lives of those who lived by the lagoons. By a cluster of coconut trees, stood a man gazing at the waters perhaps looking for a sign of life within them. His furry companions ran hither and thither till they could no more. Gathering his knapsack, he then walked through winding paths towards his home.

We also spotted a herd of cattle grazing endless fields by the reservoir as Chinese fishing nets waved and glistened in the torrential rains. JJ was kind enough to show us around. After a few hours, he told us it was time to head back.

In the evening, after some tea and snacks, we went to meet Murali Vettath popularly known as ‘Pappan’ who is Sharath’s paternal uncle. I had first met Pappan unexpectedly in 2012 during the monsoons. Much to our surprise, we’d stumbled upon someone who not only shared his views on worldly matters but also nurtured great interest in different schools of philosophy.



Far away from home and friends with similar interests and inspirations, most people around us shared little in common as far as the people and philosophies that inspired us were concerned. And our unplanned meeting with Pappan suddenly saw us discussing works of George Carlin, Bill Hicks and Hunter S Thompson with each other. He’d also jokingly tell us that he was an ardent believer of non-workism. We spoke in great length about many social trends, issues and the deterioration of mainstream journalism, and how it has catapulted to creating an alternate system born out of the need to break all stereotypical norms.

Pappan also runs a Malayalam social commentary website called Nava Malayali. It was quite interesting to talk to someone from our fathers’ generation who could relate to our ideologies. He has deep interest in International Politics and affairs, and has been writing on the subject for a very long time. It took us over three years to come back and meet him again. And, it felt great to see him. With some people, the connection you form and the bond you develop only strengthens over time…

Project ‘Rest of My family‘  is an attempt to connect back, re-discover our relationship with and understand our responsibility towards the larger family that we are a part of — the rest of our human family. Hence, it is titled Rest Of My Family.

Through ‪#‎RestofMyFamily‬, we will focus on highlighting social issues and human interest stories, documenting the triumphs of the ordinary man despite all the hardships they face constantly, and help these stories reach a larger audience and wherever necessary extend support to the individuals and communities that we write about. We hope to make a direct impact to the lives of those people we meet and find suffering due to various social issues; to connect the ones who need help to the ones who can help….

Find more about the campaign here:

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